Sunday, May 18, 2008

Heard it Here First

Today's Headline: "Delays in the space shuttle program could force a one-month slip of an early test flight of NASA's next-generation rocket next year due to busy Kennedy Space Center launch facilities, agency officials said this week."

Of course, RandS told you about the forthcoming slips and the real reasons behind them back on Dec 28, 2007 and Mar 31, 2008.

BTW, we don't think it will be just one month...but you already knew that, too.


Anonymous said...

rumors are that the "unofficial" schedule has already backed up the flight till late 09. Integrating that Atlas flight computer is not as easy as the MSFC folks thought.

Anonymous said...

Also, the longer the Charade goes on the harder it is to kill the program. An Ares 1-x failure that soon after the election would kill the program and everyone knows it.