Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Fix is In!

Maybe we have been picking on old Viceroy Hanley a wee bit too much. Turns out he finally spent some of the the pennies that he's been saving for a sunny day. Gathering up some wise owls of the past, the Viceroy asked them to give him a design for Orion that weighed less, cost less, and most importantly, was actually flyable. That design is now securely locked away from the Emperor's menacing eyes awaiting the day of redemption. Along with the launch vehicle studies hidden well inside the ARES V budget at MSFC, the makings of a workable system are starting to come together because of some brave actions being pursued by the minions.


Anonymous said...

The rocket's broke?

What do you get when you fix a stupid rocket?

A stupid rocket!

Dave said...

Fix? What fix? Come on, man, share some details! At least put a name to one of the group.

Although honestly, with the number of armchair engineers out there blogging their own solutions, I can't see where there's a shortage of ideas. It's like a continuous brainstorming session.

Rocket Man said...

Ask Jeff Hanley about his wise owl CEV. Its smaller, lighter, and leaves out all of the Ivins accessories.