Tuesday, September 23, 2008

8 Ball in the Corner Pocket

Another attempt to run the table is at hand. As the bank accounts run dry, and employees nervously consider where to look for their next job, our friends with the ill-named rocket (after all, real falcons fly pretty well) have put their money down and hope that their cue stick does the job this time.

This past weekend they fired up the Merlin rocket and verified that their quality control is, if nothing else, consistent. This time the faulty component prevented de-tanking for a bit. We are somewhat surprised we didn't wake up Sunday morning to read about someone shooting a hole in the side of the second stage to depressurize it. Maybe someone did try, but found the gun empty from shooting defective Tesla transmissions out of their misery. Such is life in the wild west.

Like those of you who pick the pocket in eight ball, we are going with the unexplained roll oscillation as the source of the next scratch. All boats in the water near Kwaj this weekend, take heed.

Remember kids, salary over stock options next time!


Anonymous said...

That may be so, but if you wanna fly, you gotta try. Five always has been my lucky number. Four works for me as well.

But so too does hexadecimal.

kert said...

everyone wants them to succeed.
( but if i were a betting man i would bet on rapid self disassembly just before staging, this time around )

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Falcon Name has proven ill-chosen,
the name Pelican, Cormorant, or

Anonymous said...

the name Pelican, Cormorant or Osprey
would have proven more apt.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't go for roll oscillation as the problem,
the problem while bad doesn't appear to be
pushing the control limits, but, i wouldn't be
surprised to see some serious issues with
staging and stability in the second stage.

sad really so much money pissed away and the
money could have been used to credit default swaps