Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Only Old Farts Need Apply.

HYDERABAD, INDIA - The Emperor, once again demonstrated his inability to relate to common people on the street this week in India. Students eager to learn about opportunities for young people in NASA were disappointed by his remarks that such work was best left to older professionals. "Most of our work needs to be accomplished by mid-career professionals and not by yound professionals," he told a student at the interactive session at the 58th International Astronautical Congress.

Contending that the space program involved making right decisions at various sensitive stages, the Emperor said the space agency is looking for individuals with experience or apprenticeship at NASA to participate in such programs. "Such decisions cannot be left to young professionals," he said.

Once again, the Emperor is caught without a kurta!

We here at RocketsAndSuch, remember pictures of 20-somethings sitting in front of consoles directing the Apollo missions to the moon. Those young professionals invented the American space program. At a time when the Agency's engineers are rapidly aging and its programs are throwbacks to an earlier time, unattractive to today's XBox kids, it is shortsighted indeed to discourage young people from seeking employment in aerospace.

If this is an example of the Emperor's ability to lead, we are surely headed for the cliffs.

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Jon Goff said...

That is really pathetic, isn't it. While you probably do want to have at least some experience to balance youthful exuberance, the ratio should probably lean more heavily towards fresh talent. But I guess if you're in charge of an agency that may not have much of a future, maybe his discouraging young professionals from wasting their lives there is actually an act of charity?